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word 8

1) Succession-

2)The lack of succession planning has been identified as one of the most important reasons why many first-generation family firms do not survive their founders.

3) A number of people or things sharing a specified characteristic and following one after the other, Noun.

4) She had been secretary to a succession of board directors 

NPR interview radio analysis

‘Americanah’ author explains ‘learning’ to be black in the US

What did the interviewer know about the subject before the interview?

She knew her background career and where she performed (In Beyoncé’s track). She knew where she was from, and her feelings about race in America. She also knew about her future projects (her book) and what the material the book was about.

Did the interviewer appear to have a strategy? What kinds of questions did the interviewer ask? How did the interviewer build up to questions?

The interviewer was well aware of this person and well prepped with her questions, I didn’t get a sense of her having a strategy per se, but she seemed to only be asking very deep and personal questions that really got to the root of the issue (Black perception in America). The interviewer built up to questions by first commenting on the interviewee’s previous answer, and then using that information to go on to the next question, which I thought was clever. Some questions asked were:

“You weren’t defined by race when you were in Nigeria, how did things changed when you were defined by being “black” when you came to America?”

“Do you feel like assumptions change about you when a black or white person finds out you are from Nigeria and not from the US?”

“What is the privilege and why do you think there is a sense of privilege”

“So much of America’s history has to do with slavery, and you’re from Nigeria which is a place where a lot of Africans were kidnapped from, was the slave trade apart of what you learned about in school?”

Were there any inadequate or evasive answers? If so, how were they handled?

The interviewee did a very good job at elaborating on all the questions that she was asked. If the interviewer didn’t’ understand something, she would continue to explain until she was sure that she was being understood. When the interviewer wasn’t sure what Chimamanda meant by a certain phrase at one point, she asked her what she meant by that, and Chimamanda talked for about two minutes straight explaining what she had meant by that phrase.

What was the apparent relationship between the interviewer and interviewee?

The relationship seemed very friendly to me for a couple reasons. The interview went off track quite a few times to personal business such as talking about hair, and the personal preference of it. They also shared a few laughs which made it seem a lot friendlier rather than strictly professional.

What did you learn about interviewing from this interview?

I learned that a good way to transition from one question to another is to build off of the previous question’s answer. This makes it flow a lot smoother and gives it a more conversational vibe rather than a “I’m going to ask you lots of questions now” vibe. However for this strategy, you would need to be good at thinking of questions at the top of your head that go well with the answers given to you, rather than have questions prepared. 

word #8

1) Succession-

2)The lack of succession planning has been identified as one of the most important reasons why many first-generation family firms do not survive their founders.

3) A number of people or things sharing a specified characteristic and following one after the other, Noun.

4) She had been secretary to a succession of board directors 

Word #7


2)”It’s considered the incorporeal essence of a person, and is said to be immortal and transcendent of material existence.” 

3)beyond or above the range of normal or merely physical human experience, ADJ

4) I had a transcendent experience when I saw a spirit orb the other day.



Hello, my name is Anna Aprelenko and a little bit about my background is that I was born in Odessa, Ukraine and lived there until I was 5 years old. My family then moved to Mountain view for a few years before settling in Santa Clara where we reside now. My major that I have chosen is Public Relations. With that degree, I am currently working on settling into the industries of either the magazine world, event planning, or news world. I had a little taste of being an event planner last year at the Dining Commons of my school. While it was a lot of difficult and tedious work, it was very rewarding at the end of each event, and an overall fun experience that I learned a lot from. The news industry sounds like a good fit for me because I love to be up to date with everything that is happening in the world. What better way to stay updated than to be in the middle of the action? The magazine Industry sounds fun to dabble in also, because it combines my interests of fashion, writing, photography, and news all in one. My ideal plan would be to try all of those careers throughout my lifetime. Some strengths I have as a writer is my creativity. I believe I can make any piece of writing more interesting than the average person because I can add my personal flare to it and make it something that no one has seen before. A weakness that I have in writing is not knowing enough “smart sounding” words to make my writing seem more intelligence. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors doing activities like hiking and beaching it up, experimenting with cooking different cuisines, and making people smile. 

blog post about Professor Brito

Just wanted to write a blog about how awesome my teacher is 🙂

I really enjoy learning about the business side social media because it is important to know the other benefits of it other than just socializing. Before this class I had no idea what a Klout score is, and now i am really understanding how beneficial it is to knowing your overall influence in the social media world. it makes me really upset that it doesn’t update fast enough though! I also really enjoy how the whole class meshes together in our conversations because in my other classes everyone kind of just keeps to themselves and its awkward and not very fun at all.

So I’m pretty sad that class was cancelled last week because this is my favorite class 😦 However, it gives me something to look forward to this week! I spent a lot of time on social media the past week and am excited to learn more about how it ties into the business aspect of companies. The book unfortunately, while brilliantly written, is still a challenge to understand a lot of the time…hopefully we will be going over the material more in depth in class…

Day 3…or 4

Im about to go to my 3rd class I believe with Michael Brito. Im pretty excited because the class is usually pretty fun and interesting. Hopefully we will be talking about Instagram today because I love Instagram and I can pay attention to a lecture about it no problem. So far all of the book that I have read so far is very complicated and lightweight hard to read. It does make me feel very smart to read it though. Props on the intense language used Brito! Alot of it I have started hearing in my daily life though, so I’m glad I am able to refer to it when I need to. Im excited to leaqrn more about the long words used to the book, so that I am able to WOW future employers and interviewers!

Awesome new class

Second day of Class today with Michael Brito. My new favorite class for sure. It was a nice change of scenery to spend the whole day learning about twitter. I definitely never realized how much of a benefit it is from a business standpoint. It’s sort of like one big pool of advertisements mixed with facebook. However I learned today that facebook is more for personal broadcast whereas twitter is more for business and just keeping track of company information and celebrity information and pretty much just keeping track of everything and anything that you are into. I’m really excited to learn more and start reading the book especially since I have it signed now. I was hoping to avoid twitter because I am an addicitve person, and am highly addicted to facebook and instagram, and did not want the added struggle of keeping track with yet ANOTHER social media site, but after this class I feel like I am going to have a new most visited web page (damn you brito!) 😛