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Awesome new class

Second day of Class today with Michael Brito. My new favorite class for sure. It was a nice change of scenery to spend the whole day learning about twitter. I definitely never realized how much of a benefit it is from a business standpoint. It’s sort of like one big pool of advertisements mixed with facebook. However I learned today that facebook is more for personal broadcast whereas twitter is more for business and just keeping track of company information and celebrity information and pretty much just keeping track of everything and anything that you are into. I’m really excited to learn more and start reading the book especially since I have it signed now. I was hoping to avoid twitter because I am an addicitve person, and am highly addicted to facebook and instagram, and did not want the added struggle of keeping track with yet ANOTHER social media site, but after this class I feel like I am going to have a new most visited web page (damn you brito!) 😛

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