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Dazzling Dinner Tips

Candlelight Dinner

Candlelight Dinner (Photo credit: Lunchbox Photography)

We work hard at our jobs all day, or are stuck at school for most of the time the daylight is out. We snack or munch throughout the day, a granola bar here and there or maybe an apple or banana. Then 7 o’clock rolls around, and you are FAMISHED. You come home, and grub on everything in sight and wipe through your fridge like there’s no tomorrow. Well stop…

Did you know that to be healthy, your smallest meal of the day should be dinner? That’s right, you’re allowed to have a huge breakfast and even lunch, with snacks in between, but when it comes to dinner and you are trying to loose weight, dinner must be minimal. You see, the closer it gets to sleeping time, the slower your metabolism gets. Thats why it’s not recommended to eat an hour or two before you fall asleep. All the food you ate will turn right to fat, or be stored in your tummy, thighs, or any trouble areas you have. Keep dinner light and airy, and you’ll be fine! Remember, fruit and veggies are limitless when it comes to diets! Stuff your faces with them!


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