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Eat Often = Slim Faster

Eat Your Colors on Portion Control Plates

Eat Your Colors on Portion Control Plates (Photo credit: cproppe)

Many of us understand exactly what to avoid when dieting, and what to eat more of.  We know that we need to avoid fat, grease, and sugar, and eat more of the veggies, fruits, and non processed foods that mainly come from the earth. A lot of us however, are in the dark when it comes to how much and what kind of portions to eat when it comes to optimal weight loss and overall healthiness. Fortunately, I am here to explain to you exactly HOW to eat your delicious new healthy meals so that you will get the most benefits and results out of them. First of all, it is important that you eat a mini meal every 3 or 4 hours! This helps your metabolism to always be working so that any food you put into your body, it will be able to burn it off quickly. Make sure that each meal is not much bigger than your fist, and you will be just fine. Remember that with any meal, you are totally allowed to have as many fruits and veggies as you desire! Go crazy. But the carbs and other stuff need to be majorly controlled. Also, if you are starving at night, it is totally okay to have a little snack as long as its healthy! No one ever felt guilty for eating a salad the night before. Remember, stay away from the obvious unhealthy food and you will do great!

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