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The Truth About Booze

This image shows a red wine glass.

This image shows a red wine glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When trying to stay fit, be healthy, and melt off the pounds, one usually makes the decision to completely avoid alcohol. Yes, in many mixed drinks the calorie count is way above 250 due to the over addition of sugary syrups and such, however I am here to tell you that you do not necessarily need to quit cold turkey. There ARE alternatives that you can make to still get that buzz going on after a long day at work or school and not feel (too) guilty about it!First of all, yes to shots, no to beer! Beer is a calorie nightmare, and since you are not going to just drink one, it is a very bad idea to drink it. Not only do you get majorly bloated from it, but it has yeast in it which clings on to your fat cells, and no one wants that. Stick to straight shots and you will shave off 200 calories or more with each drink. Also, do not mix with any kind of fruit drink, if you must have some kind of mix with it, use ginger ale or tonic with a wedge of lemon squeezed in. The lemon will help detoxify your liver and the carbonated drinks will help sooth your stomach. One last thing, a glass of red wine, or maybe even 2, never hurt anyone and actually helps clean your bloodstream! Drink on fellow dieters!

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