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Swaps to Consider

Japanese green tea in a modern senchawan bowl.

Japanese green tea in a modern senchawan bowl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is always something you can do/change in your everyday life that makes a small but effective change in your health. By swapping a few of the not so healthy ingredients for actual beneficial ingredients then you are taking many steps forward towards optimal health! They are completely easy to do and you may even like it better this way. I have a few examples for you guys so you can start swapping & reaping the benefits!

1.) Substitute sugar for HONEY or AGAVE NECTAR =yum its like natural caramel!

2.) Substitute butter for YOGURT when baking cakes, cupcakes, or any pastry= it will make it super moist without the fat!

3.) Substitute your regular tea for GREEN TEA or just add green tea to your normal tea= amazing antioxidants and body cleanse!

4.) Substitute all butter and oils for OLIVE OIL=healthy digestive system!

5.) Substitute mayo (in sandwiches) for PESTO or AIOLI= no guilt!

Try these out now!!

Honey in honeycombs

Honey in honeycombs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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