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English: Olives in olive oil.

English: Olives in olive oil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sometimes, foods that you are avoiding may actually hold hidden benefits for your body. So eating them is, well,  essential! Some of delicious snack attack victims  include chocolate, peanut butter, and cheese. You’d never guess. These indulgences are actually necessary?? Yes. Lets start with chocolate, chocolate has much needed antioxidants that help your brain function better! The only criteria? It has to be ABOVE 70% dark chocolate because it needs to be the purest form of cocoa in order to contain the vitamins and be a benefit. Foods such as nuts, cheese and even butter are deemed as unhealthy but these foods, as long as you have them in moderation, contain essential fatty acids that help keep your cells up and going properly! Yup, your body actually needs them so indulge away. Butter, though surprising, contains a great amount of Vitamin A which helps your skin stay smooth. Coffee is another secret weapon for your health that some may consider a dirty habit. Coffee helps your digestive system functioning properly and may even help in curbing cravings and helping burn your fat cells! So, don’t judge a book by its reputation. Do your research before you conclude!

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