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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Label Lookout

food label misleads

food label misleads (Photo credit: touring_fishman)

This post is to let you know what you should be searching for on the labels of food items that you buy at the grocery store. With GMO (genetically modified) foods being legal and not forced to be identified, it’s more important than ever to really get all the information you can about what you put into your body. The information that surprisingly is actually given out, should be soaked in because we are lucky to even get that. First of all I want to stress that the number of “calories” in a item is most definitely not the most important Read the rest of this entry


Swaps to Consider

Japanese green tea in a modern senchawan bowl.

Japanese green tea in a modern senchawan bowl. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is always something you can do/change in your everyday life that makes a small but effective change in your health. By swapping a few of the not so healthy ingredients for actual beneficial ingredients then you are taking many steps forward towards optimal health! They are completely easy to do and you may even like it better this way. I have a few examples for you guys so you can start swapping & reaping the benefits! Read the rest of this entry

Unexpectedly Healthy


English: Olives in olive oil.

English: Olives in olive oil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sometimes, foods that you are avoiding may actually hold hidden benefits for your body. So eating them is, well,  essential! Some of delicious snack attack victims  include chocolate, peanut butter, and cheese. You’d never guess. These indulgences are actually necessary?? Yes. Lets start with chocolate, chocolate has much needed antioxidants that help your brain function better! The only criteria? Read the rest of this entry