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Beverages-Empty Calories?

English: The ring-pull tab on an aluminium dri...

English: The ring-pull tab on an aluminium drinking can. Français : Canette en aluminium vue de dessus – Anneau d’ouverture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beverages are very satisfying from an ice cold strawberry lemonade in the blazing heat of summer, to a smooth and silky hot chocolate with marsh mellows in the cold, frosty winter. However, if you are trying to stay healthy and maybe even lose weight, beverages can be an evil sneaky way for you to consume many empty calories. Some beverages that you wouldn’t even suspect are bad for you, actually are loaded with sugar, fat, and way too many calories to be in a beverage.

I’m going to break it down for you and let you know what to avoid, and what you can load up on. Lets start with my favorite drink that I drink multiple times a day, and it is really the BEST option for the health conscious  Water with lemon! It fills you up, quenches your thirst, and does your body nothing but good. The lemon helps detoxify your body and gives you natural vitamin C. Other diet friendly drinks include tea with lemon, vitamin water Zero, fresh squeezed juices, homemade smoothies(add some spinach, you wont taste it I promise!), and soy milk! Stay AWAY from all carbonated drinks, bottles juices, Starbucks & such, and milkshakes.

Coffee cup

Coffee cup (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

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