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Water Slide

Water Slide (Photo credit: Cesar R.)

I wanted to share with you guys a critical and important step to being/staying healthy and making sure your body is functioning at its highest! The answer: Water. It does way too much for your body for you to be skimping on it! Not only is it a natural cleanse, flushing out all the bad toxins in your body from throughout the day, but it also keeps you awake, aware, and functioning properly and optimally. Some little known facts about water include, it moisturizes your joints, regulars your body temperature, makes all the cells in your body are working correctly and my favorite, keeps you full! Did you know that half the time you are hungry you are actually just thirsty? Its true! Try it out if you are trying to loose weight, just drink a full glass of ice water when you are about to chow down, and see if you still have those cravings. Drinking water between your meals, or more specifically between meats and vegetables/grains/dairy helps your metabolism work at its finest. You may think that you get the same benefits from things with supposedly half or more of water in the product such as soups, soda, juices, or tea, but you actually don’t. These things essentially dehydrate you even more so load of on the pure H20 for maximum health!

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