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Our Favorite Meal: Snacks

Yoghurt and raspberries

Yoghurt and raspberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pfffft, who cares about Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner? Snacks are where it’s at! There’s just something about those in-between meal treats that can tempt any of us to come to the dark side! Or maybe we just don’t have enough time, and are really hungry, so we decide to grab a snack. Constantly, we are faced with chips, donuts, muffins, and other oily and processed things right in front of us. But why slow your body down with artificial colors and preservatives? There are many ways to stay safe and still achieve healthiness even when those tempting snack cravings kick in..For example here are some of my favorite healthy go to snacks that have lots of room for variety and crietivity:

1 cup yogurt (greek plain or vanilla)

+handful of chocolate covered pomegranate seeds

+drizzle of honey

+a few chopped rasberries  = amazing

1 slice of whole weat or rye bread

+ fried egg with salt & pepper

+ few leaves of spinach

+ slice of chedder/havarti/or muenster cheese = yum

maple sugar oatmeal

+chopped banana

+chopped almonds

+a dash of cinnamon = yes!

whole what tortilla chips (baked in oven with)

+grated Parmesan

+baked re-fried beans

+ avocado

+topped with a little sour cream = fiesta in mouth!

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