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Low Cal Sweet Tooth

English: A tray of chocolate-covered strawberr...

English: A tray of chocolate-covered strawberries with skewers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mmmm desserts…sugar…sweetness…we all love it! Its hard not to end your meal with a delicious sweet treat to fulfill your sweet tooth and leave a satisfying feeling lingering in your body. Its a wonderful conclusion to lunch and dinner, but it does not have to be naughty! Chocolate cake, cookies, candy, they can all be cleverly tweaked in order to make this fun activity a non-guilty pleasure! Below you’ll find some tasty (low cal friendly) recipes and also some variations to keep in mind when your cooking to cut a large amount of calories out and replace them with vitamins and nutrients!Replacements to make when cooking:

Substitute sugar for agave nectar, honey, Stevia, or brown sugar

Substitute Butter for Yogurt or Sour Cream

Substitute chocolate chips for cocoa nibs

Add fruits when baking for added vitamins!

gooey protein bar recipe:

1 cup of your favorite wheat or whole grain cereal, 1 cup of your favorite granola, 2 tsp of peanut butter, half a cup of cocoa nibs, few tsp of slivered almonds,  sprinkle with shredded coconut. Mix well, spread on a sheet, put in fridge over night, cut next morning and enjoy!

Cashew creme stuffed strawberries:

soak half pound of cashews in water in fridge overnight, blend cashews with 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp of vanilla, pinch of cinnamon, gut strawberries, stuff strawberries with creme and put back in fridge


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