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Nuts about Nuts!

Chocolate-covered macadamia nuts

I wanted to create a post about a very important and delicious staple in any person’s diet: Nuts! Nuts are amazing. Nuts are sometimes given a bad reputation because of their relatively high fat content…however they are the good kind of fat, natural fat, which is something your body needs and cannot live without. There are so many to choose from: the more traditional cashews, almonds, macadamia, peanut(I know, i know, its not really a nut technically but we all categorize it as one) and then their are the somewhat more exotic kinds like Brazilian and pine nuts.  Whatever you choose you should keep in mind that although they do contain healthy fatty acids, they should still be enjoyed in moderation, about a handful or two a day to get the maximum benefits. Not only can nuts lower heart disease, they are extremely high in fiber, protein, and can also reduce your risk of blood clots! Pass the choco-covered macadamias please!

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